Our Mission

“To provide excellent services and programs that meet the needs of our citizens and to deliver those services and programs in the most cost-effective and efficient manner.”

The Village Administration will strive to be fair, friendly, helpful, and accountable.”

Executive Officers

Mayor – Dana Brown ([email protected]) 740.859.2947 (City Building)

Solicitor – Edward Littlejohn, Jr.  ([email protected])

Fiscal Officer – Tessa Weisenborn ([email protected])

Village Council

Ronald Emerson ([email protected])

Matt Goolie ([email protected])

Jason Lucarelli ([email protected])

Doug Delvecchio

Sandra Reasbeck ([email protected])

Nathan Schaal ([email protected])

Public Safety / Village Services

Chief of Police – John [email protected]) 740.859.2947 (City Building) and 740.238.3133

Code Administrator – John Morelli ([email protected]) 740.859.2947 (City Building) and 740.238.3133

Fire Chief – Aron Russell ([email protected]) 740.238.1304 (Non-Emergency)

Street and Sanitation Supervisor – Jesse Cordery ([email protected]) 740.238.2296

Village Administrator – Roger Herbert 740.312.2445

Water and Sewer Superintendent – Roger Herbert 740.312.2445

Water and Sewer Maintenance Supervisor – Lane Herbert 740.238.2856

Village Utility Clerk – Sheri Destifanes ([email protected]) 740.238.3417, 740.859.5171